A few hundred years ago, a herd of rabbits dug a warren so deep that it nearly ran straight into Hell...

Succubuns is a 21+ adoptable species and ARPG (art-based roleplaying game) by Luca that focuses on the lives of succubuns—devilish bunnies who have learned to take on a humanoid form to get up to comedic levels of debauchery.

On, you can collect and create your own characters, participate in daily activities, enjoy frequent site events and plots, and progress your creative skills with art and writing prompts. Our adult-focused community is designed to encourage creativity and sex positivity in a world that is becoming increasingly hostile towards sexual content, all while providing fun rewards and gameplay reminiscent of sites like Neopets.

In this shop, you can find merch featuring Succubuns' colorful cast of NPCs, collectible pets known as imps, and adorable item art of sweets, cocktails, and more. 

If you're looking to decorate your laptop with adorable imps, collect sexy merch of our NPCs, or just want support Succubuns, check out our products today!